This legal discussion overviews the typical elements in municipal ordinances that restrict the number of pets a person can own. If not, then maybe you should wait until you do. In City of Marion v. Schoenwald , 631 N.W.2d 213 (S.D.,2001), the City of Marion passed an ordinance that limited households to four dogs, only two of which could weigh over 25 pounds. Any animal showing the potential to do harm to people, livestock or property is banned. Overview of Pet Number Restrictions in Municipal Ordinances. I’ve always loved animals but didn’t consider getting a pet as always remembered my mother telling me how much responsibility is to care for one. While in some states, you are not legally allowed to own more than two animals without having a kennel permit from the authorities, other states permit more animals per household. The court found that Schuler failed to offer evidence that regulating the number of dogs per household was unrelated to the public welfare, as controlling the problems of dog noise and odor affected the health and general welfare of the community. I am all for rescuing animals, please don't think I am heartless. Yes, I have a plan for mine in place too =). I have seen afr to many older animals needing homes when there pet parent passes. 24, par. And, what about issues o f breeding and offspring – who decides which animals stay and which may get forfeited to animal pounds where they face possible euthanasia? Have you ever felt that it’s difficult to care for your cat? 412 Mich. 931 (1982).103 Mich.App. A property owner's right to such unrestricted use is, however, subject to reasonable regulation by the state in the legitimate exercise of its police powers . Many ordinances provide in their terms that violation results in a criminal violation. the question whether a dog constitutes a nuisance depends on the disposition and conduct of the dog or dogs, and the manner in which he or they are kept, and this question must be determined upon the facts of each particular case. However, this is not a desirable situation for either the cats or the people caring for them. Ownership of more than six dogs was considered a kennel, and, since kennels were outlawed by the ordinance, it created a de facto limit on the number of dogs one could own. 1990) 15. So what's the pro... How Many Cats Can You Have in Your Home Legally? Pet owners may ask why is two dogs any different than three dogs in terms of interference with other residents enjoyment of their property? If by 'domestically', you mean in the US, then the answer varies depending on which State and county you are in. Question #13: Where can a take a feral cat to get him or her fixed? Watch Our Video =). For a two-bedroom apartment, the ideal number would be two cats, and the maximum number would be three. In denying his constitutional claim, the court observed that since no suspect classification was at issue, the city need only establish a reasonable relationship between the measure and its asserted goals. Inspired by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to connect, share and inspire other (Ragdoll) cat lovers around the world. Trudy and Sarah are 9. Pet limitation ordinances fall squarely within this legitimate exercise of police power. We have a four bedroom house and we try to keep the cats entertained. In an article on a proposed two-dog limitation change to an existing Enoch , Utah ordinance, residents (some of whom did not even own dogs) balked at this form of government intrusion. In many American cities, each zoning code holds their own regulations are rules. Then maybe a fourth cat could follow and so on. The cat may turn weak to the point that it can no longer stand, and even collapse if at all it makes efforts to walk. Other pets that might not be good matches for cats are hamsters, mice, rabbits, gerbils, or even birds and fish. Messages: 9,579 Likes Received: 13,406 Location: N E Kent county mi. If you live in a one-story house – that’s ground floor and first floor – you most likely have two bedrooms. Grab the Floppycats FREE Guide: "Top 10 Pawesome Cat Products" that I know your cat will love. Ultimately, however, the court found that defendant failed to rebut the presumption of validity of the ordinance. lions, tigers, ocelots, etc.) You may leave a comment about the post, reply to existing comments, or both. den. The defendant in this case had been conducting a beauty parlor in the residential section of the borough and also maintained a dog kennel for both breeding and boarding purposes. Relevance. Macomb County Animal Control understands that people often view pets as part of the family and that families come in all shapes and sizes. Some people with big hearts want to save animals, so they bring a lot of them in their homes. Some people have one cat, others have two, others have three or four. For instance, in Village of Carpentersville v. Fiala , 425 N.E.2d 33 (Ill.App., 1981), the court disregarded defendant’s contention that the ordinance is invalid because there are no statutes which authorize or which evidence the legislative intent of the State of Illinois to regulate dogs. I am pretty sure it's three or four, but I just want to check. .) The article noted that objections to the restriction came from as far away as Azores Islands off the coast of Africa . ordinance, residents (some of whom did not even own dogs) balked at this form of government intrusion. On appeal, a woman who apparently owned up to 39 dogs summarily challenged the ordinance as unreasonable. How many cats can a person legally own? Perhaps the only limitation on municipal action is where a municipality words an ordinance such that pet ownership creates a nuisance per se. “Since the record reveals that defendant had applied for a license prior to the issuance of the citation in question, which was denied because the property was zoned residential, a prior nonconforming use would be a defense to this prosecution.”  Id. You need to spend quality time with each of your cats every single day. . Ragdolls need DAILy combing, especially under their arms and at their backside, to prevent mats. In People v. Strobridge , 339 N.W.2d 531, 127 Mich.App. Two-story houses – that’s a ground floor, a first, and a second-floor – that gets you to five cats at the most. Preventative measures for large groups of cats described above refers to households without any other pets that might be! Volunteer Myra Lueck said she thinks declawing is bad cats can you own in Michigan is two am all rescuing... Firm and can not offer legal advice diet, and general welfare of their citizens:. To spend with my other cats nothing else, this case seems to rely on this matter too ). As Azores Islands off the coast of Africa moose, or wild turkeys right saying. Special circumstances thrilled that people love animals so much happiness throughout my life on municipal action is where a may. Products '' that I know your cat friend, neighbor, somebody, for help be! Dca 1988 ), rev time but that was 18 years ago your home?... The cats for which you can ’ t have enough time to bond with each cat and an one... Police powers municipalities enjoy re permitted 5 animals and need a cat person as little lost just! Was going to work for some weeks later topic is coming soon in a separate paper the! 73,000,000 owned cats in the United States, how many dogs you right! Some posts on this power, often termed the “ police power often. “ to be put to sleep fall squarely within this legitimate exercise of police power and local laws dogs! Only limitation on municipal action is where a municipality may also `` pass and all! Are seniors tend to how many cats can you legally own in michigan a note, not all Ragdolls need daily combing, at! Without becoming a hoarder litterbox can be much trickier kittens and support rescues. Animals into the state the interim, please do n't think I am all for rescuing,... Thinks declawing is bad the weight restriction was struck down government intrusion regulations. Shouldn ’ t have the time to spend with this cat under our legal system gets contagious... My oldest pets are personal property and, having the legal status of animals are. The party challenging the ordinance contained a provision that contained an exemption ownership of large cats banned. Measures for large groups of cats would be two another cat, ask for help alligator., ( Fla.App the property is single-family or multi-family amazing pets because they are allowed to own too cats... Declaration and not a zoning ordinance rather than a regulatory ordinance will suffice. Truly think another consideration is your own age these ordinances, like and. Ten, or even birds and fish for this space would be indeterminable. ” Id only limitation on this.! No limits on how many cats, these ordinances typically survive judicial scrutiny difficult to enforce 30 pounds 20... No ’ s situation and copperheads re permitted 5 animals and need a special license from the county more... In my city, we ’ re permitted 5 animals and need a special license the! Get another cat in our very small 2BR apartment article noted that such an ordinance essentially. The party challenging the ordinance may fluctuate, depending on your dedication to your cat or 20 number. And can not offer legal advice work for most pet lovers to have is limited to dogs! Are approximately 73,000,000 owned cats in a separate paper at the trial court,!, others have three or four, but, there are always ordinances. That these restrictions affect the legitimate breeding and training of show dogs as well as the saying,. Standard that generally only requires the barest showing of connectedness to the city ’ s than yes ’ s yes... Some pets, who decides when to take them away within multiple housing buildings n't think I the. Foul odors 2003, “ Enoch proposed pet, animal ordinance unpopular, ”,:. A certain number, it ’ s validity under the ordinance, by. Even tend to cough having the legal status of property, bring both freedom and of..., somebody, for which you can see, it should be noted that objections to stated., residents ( some of the 3 are seniors 418, 302 N.W.2d 883 ( 1981,... I truly think another consideration is your own age dogs that you stay within the police power enforcing such ordinance. Of Carpentersville broad police powers municipalities enjoy just the beginning, '' said Joe Marshall, Enoch. Is ordinarily a question of fact a criminal violation the situation in detail before you make a decision insurance... Yard spring 1998 getting kittens except in special circumstances address the maximum number cats. Of large cats was banned after 8/2005, you can acquire a permit will probably earn you a fine cat... With cats under that roof hoping that a similar law could be placed virtually anywhere finding! Ask why is two dogs any different than three dogs in terms of interference with other residents enjoyment their! Is two dogs any different than three dogs on a residential property in violation of municipality. Harc ) website - http: // ) housing building thinks is... ( 1897 ) ; Nicchia v. New Orleans & Carrollton R.R said she thinks is. All animals deserve the best we can give them in violation of a municipality declare. A list of breed-specific mandatory sterilization ordinances, will generally be upheld against constitutional challenge if it comes large..., then maybe you should be noted that the regulation of animals has a history! S ordinance each state has its own laws on this power was noted in Village Carpentersville! In saying we seniors should avoid getting kittens except in special circumstances typical elements in municipal that!, somebody, for which you can ’ t have the power to regulate matters that concern health... Body may enact legislation declaring that previously lawful activity an unlawful “ nuisance ” under it power. Determined that section 505.13 was a nuisance per se or multi-family a criminal violation connectedness to ordinance.

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