This time I purchased fat from the local grocery – muscle fat again. Also, get with a hunter if you can for the duck, goose, bear, moose fat. I didn’t really know how much to get or what it would render down to,so I just got 4 pounds. Low carb diets make me grouchy and sickly no matter that people say that eventually my body will adapt — it doesn’t. After all the work you’ve done, this is the easy part. This is the first time I have used my instant pot to render the fat. […], […] Tallow is rendered lard, a fairly involved, hot task. […], […] […], […] process but unless you want to eat bacon grease all of the time, it does make a difference. They usually happily oblige, and I end up with a bag of frozen fat chunks when we pick up our finished beef. During roasting a lot of fat is rendered from the marrow. Hopping over to read your butchering experience right now for any extra ideas Thank you! Poured at this temp into Mason jars, the lids will seal snugly, as if they had been processed. when the fat hardens on top, i take that out and put it in an old crisco can til it’s full. We smoked a very fatty brisket and I don’t want to waste. You are just amazing, thank you for sharing. Have I ruined it?’ Is it safe to use it if it reached a temperature high enough to make it smoke? Thanks for the great information. It kept quite well, from one year to the next, when stored in a cool, dry cellar. Reason: The water will help to keep the fat from sticking to the bottom of the pan and it will cook off so it won’t affect your fat. Transfer the ground beef crumbles to a strainer. I’m so excited to see how it turns out! I’m hoping the tallow will give me the flavor and consistency I’m looking for. (found you through Women Living Well link-up), Yes Kate- anyone can do this! I want to do it myself versus buying tallow online at a premium price. The versatility, price and convenience of ground beef have contributed to its popularity. I’m not sure what the bottom layer would be– did both layers harden as they cooled? FYI: If you can’t get beef fat anywhere else, U.S. Wellness Meats sells 5 pounds of beef suet coarsely ground for $20.95. I really like your chunk idea. But after reading this I am really looking forward to trying it in cooking too. Also you could render it and soak bread cubes in it for the birds. Although I only had the fat from one kidney… and a bit of fat from the back of the loins. We buy 1/2 a grass fed, hormone/antibiotic free cow annually but I have never asked for the bones or fat…this year that will change on our next order! I’ve always used muscle fat from our butchered beef and it turns out quite firm at room temperature. Might have made the smell worse though. From time to time we purchase a “clod” or sealed section of beef, from the local Grocery outlet. I don’t know the exact specification for the crockpot – but its the oval shaped one that seems to be about the size of two regular round shaped crockpots. [Place the clean jars in a 250 degree oven to heat, and keep them there until ready to fill.] Reducing Fat Levels in Ground Beef Ground beef is undoubtedly the most consumed individual meat product in the United States. ;-D But this is something I can do! . And your personality is just wonderful. If you want your lard to have that pretty white look, add 1/4 tsp of baking soda as you begin to melt the fat. YES! However, my 6-quart crockpot was filled to the top with the shredded pieces, and gave me 3 1/2 quarts of finished tallow. (it only works in soft water though!). the jars need to be hot so they don’t crack. I love it. If 95-percent lean ground beef is too expensive, you can buy the lower grades and remove at least 50 percent of the fat. I also bought some citronella oil and have used some, about 7 drops, and the sloppy candles sit. Allow the fat to simmer at this low and slow temperature for 4 hours, stirring about every 30 … Hope you find a good butcher! Grassfed beef tallow contains high ratio of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) which is a cancer-resistant agent. Leave the lid off, and stir the fat frequently with a wooden spoon. (It’s not exactly a highly-sought after item in most areas, so don’t be surprised if you get some raised eyebrows…). you’ll never have any of these products go bad if you do this! Remove the cooked ground beef from a skillet using a slotted spoon. I went to ever local butcher in Sacramento California and am told they are not allowed to sell it. I recently cooked up about 8lbs of hamburger on the stove and strained off about 4 cups. Every once in a while Gran would go to the butcher or abattoir and get some muscle fat trimmings that she'd render down in the oven and then use over the next month or two. It still had that smell a bit even after turning a nice white color. Technically, I render tallow every time I fry up a pound of ground beef. And there is sits, still quite soft. I may be stepping out here, but aren’t the cracklins what pork rinds are made out of?? Hmmm… Mine is usually harder than Crisco, but I’m willing to bet what you have is still just fine. Now I’m wondering – Can I put this in a pan and finish rendering it? A couple Fridays ago I picked up a cow from the butcher, I had ordered a cow to split with my siblings (we each got a quarter). It has worked wonders. I freeze it in a plastic food bag lined in a coffee can or a large food container with straight sides, then remove the frozen bag of lard and remove the plastic. another hint: every time you use your salsa, pickles, olives…any of those jars that have a little rubber lining inside…heat the jar and contents to boiling, wipe the rim clean, replace the lid tightly. I find myself using tallow for non-food projects just as much as edible ones, though. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. And a big chunk of dog treat! Looking forward to cooking with healthy fat!!! Would there not be a noticeable flavour of beef? Innovation is cursed. Yay! i cook the ground beef stove top, strain out the liquid (the juice and fat) and when the fat has solidified, i pour the juice back into the meat and save the fat for another time. Really unpleasant. We have a small farm and have a pig butchered every few years, so I always have lots of lard. I buy bulk meat and cut it up and trim it myself, vac pac the small amounts of fat I trim off and freeze until I have enough to render. I used to get upset when we bulk ordered organs for our dogs and we would end up with having to cut so much fat off – no more. What can be done with the cooled grease? Should I just take the stuff that’s already white and solid, and toss the grainy stuff that separates out? I checked it this morning and it seems okay. Would love to know how to make shampoo bars ! Just wondering here. Helps with smell as well as health. I just posted my small batch tallow and lard soap recipes (in case you’re wondering what to do with all that lard other than making french fries) Jill, I’ve got a bunch of suet from the last 1/2 of beef we bought frozen and waiting to be rendered-I think I am going to get on it in the next few weeks, now that I know the process thanks to your post! I think you’ll love using the tallow for soap– I’ve already made several batches with it! Drain the fat from the skillet into a disposable grease container -- a metal coffee can works. I have read tallow stinks(grass fed) .but if its hung for 3wks then it u believe this is true? I think my local grocer with an in-house butcher keeps the beef fat for some purpose of his own. Now I’m going to search out some fat, render it, and because of you, extend its shelf life. Hah – this post is brilliant. For instance, if you want to make soap, different fats have different saponification values. Great information. In comparison, a 3-ounce serving of 95-percent ground beef has 164 calories. Enjoy! I’ve saved this post for years and I finally have the opportunity to get some leaf fat from a grass fed cow, along with meat, bones, organs and other lovelies. Hallelujah. Soooo excited! Though, I’m a little concerned that even on low with the lid on, it will heat up and burn over night. 5. Dump the shredded fat into a slow cooker or a large stockpot. Happy soapmaking! I elected to do this outside and glad I did. Step 1- Where’s the Beef? A couple things that might be interesting to know… 1. Please help. . Put a small amount of water at the bottom of the pot you are using to render the fat. . Rebecca, My daughter kept complaining about the smell the last time I rendered beef tallow (rendering lard from pig fat isn’t so bad), so this time I put my crock pot in the garage, so no one noticed it! chicken, pork, beef? This makes it a more sustainable, local option for cooking fats. Yes! It works great for eczema. Or pour into ice cube trays to freeze and dump out to store in large zip locks in the freezer- that way you’ve got 2 Tablespoon increments of tallow to use in recipes or whatever. 7. In 70-percent ground beef, 30 percent of the product -- by weight -- is fat, but it is significantly less expensive. We are butchering Monday and this is one step that I had never done, but wanted to do this time. Render beef tallow is on my list of things to do too. Everything barely fit. This is probably a silly question, but can you make tallow from cooked fat, or does it have to be raw? I would have thought about doing the flip over thing in about a hundred years. This same rendering method is exactly the same for rendering lard. This is a very comprehensive how to. I’ve found tallow to be much harder than lard– and when it’s cold, it’s nearly impossible to chip it out of a mason jar. I was afraid to cook it too long since I didn’t want it to burn. That’s generally why I prefer to pour my liquid tallow into bars and store it that way. Is that normal? This time it came out just as crumbly and almost like soft butter at room temperature. Listen to the Old Fashioned On Purpose podcast episode #33 on the topic Three Fats You’ll Never Find in my Kitchen (and what I use instead) HERE. We look forward to hearing from you! I might just try it. It seemed to carry through to the chips. You can get everything you want, but I don’t know the source or how truly clean the meat is. I would guess yes, since they’re the optimum fats for our brain development. Did save the cracklings for dog food. A variety of animal fats and coconut oil mean that you will get all the fat soluble vitamins and a nice dose of b12. ( I won’t get into which is which on the rarer/wild fats). I had slow cooked my fat for several hours, checking it about every half hour. It’s a multiple day process that I do about every other month., & while it’s time-consuming and messy, the results are well worth it . I gain weight without any fat. I cut most of it off I thought but the final cut up fat that went into the crock pot was a bit pinkish. Any tips for making french fries with this? I just got suet from a local farmer, and I want to render the tallow to make tallow balm for eczema. As it cooked down, I used a metal measuring cup to dip hot oil out – I think it might have overflowed if I left it as it was. Is this normal for tallow or was just the stuff I got different? Should I have cooked longer? It could be the type of fat that you were using. Alternative Uses for Fat Trimmings One of the most productive things that you can do with your brisket fat trimmings is to turn it into tallow. Yep, some people like to eat the leftover bits (cracklins), or you can give them to your chickens! Thank you so much, Yes– I believe it would. Several major medical jornals have had articles about medium chain fatty acids and the obesity epidemic. I lable the bags so I know if it’s beef or bear etc. Thank you for sharing your knowledge!! use enough to get suds. Be sure to ask how your fat is coming, you may need to render the fat on your own. I haven’t made any deer meat since storing this fat, but I assume it is safe to gently warm all the fat and pour a bit of the combination in with the deer. Of that 5 pounds, I removed another 1 pound of fat that contained meat that I considered to difficult to separate from the fat. When I thought it was ready, I strained it through a coffee filter into a wax paper lined Pyrex container. When making beef stock, you first roast the bones. I’ve seen other posts here where the butcher just gave someone the fat. I don’t know for how long before it goes bad! . I’ll be freezing most of it to use a bit at a time. Brilliant! When cooled in the refrigerator, the top layer is white and hard, looks like bacon grease. Pork fat is much softer; at room temp it is VERY soft. Love your article on this and would love to try it. Could this tallow be used in the making of candles or soap? I have an intestinal reaction to ingesting beef and pork and have no interest in cooking or handling the fat just because the smell or thought of the smell is nauseating. add 26 oz of lye. As you brown ground beef in a skillet, the fat renders out. Your rendered tallow should last quite a long time in the refrigerator and freezer. To be honest, storing it in mason jars is a pain if you then put it in the fridge. They raised and butchered their own hogs in her day. I recently tried using Crisco but the result was way too soft. When you had it in the crockpot, was it on high or low? I’ve got a question, the answer to which might help Sir Bob, here. Lard is from PORK. The problem with any grain fed meat is the pesticide, herbicide, antibiotic and hormone load that saturates the fat is in the grain. Jill – I just LOVE you! Can I also render the fat in two goes? The last time I lifted the lid to check it, it smoked a little and after straining it the color leaned a little more to the light brown side. I assume not much difference in weight since we are boiling down the water and impurities and there is minimal in a good quality suet. The inflamation caused by processing to many omega 6 & 9 acids (plant oils) can cause alot of aches and pains and downright rheumatism. Paper towels will absorb much of the fat from cooked ground beef. I was wondering, are the “impurities” good for anything? […], […] fat, etc). It will most likely have a little bit of a grainy texture when done, just whip it up or stir it well while it cools and you’ll have a nice creamy textured end product. Thanks, Yes– you should be able to substitute the lard. For slow cooker – Place the fat in a slow cooker amd set the temperature to low, letting it go for a few hours, stirring from time to time. When you’re done browning the beef, place a splatter guard or well-fitting lid over the top of the skillet. It makes excellent pie crusts however. If you want to render some of your own, check this blog […], […] Animal Fat Skin Creme! Add the ground suet a few cups at a time to the Instant Pot, and turn on the “saute” function. It comes out in a big mass, and before I cut it all up, the globs filled up 2 three-gallon buckets. I just acquired a 5-6 qt dutch oven. (Mine has lasted well over a year). I found this ABSOLUTELY FASCINATING!! I rescued more than five pounds of beef trimmings that were about to be thrown away by my local fancy-schmancy (all humanely raised, mostly grass-fed, etc.) Thank you for the way to clean tallow once used. So the last 2 times I have browned beef, I have kept the grease (in a separate Mason jar from the bacon grease). We like to use the tallow for making bird suet cakes. It has a cellophane-ish coating on it and feels kind of waxy. The looks on coworker faces when I tell them I rendered lard over the weekend… Priceless. There is definately a lot to learn about this issue. I am thinking it might be an easy way to store the fat as well???? I did have to cut the kidneys out of the middle of the fat mass, but the rest of the trimming was minimal. I have a modest FIP ( farm-in-progress) and am always working on those homesteading arts like canning/preserving, baking from scratch,weaving, and keeping up with my chickens, etc. I have tasted a spoonful occasionally and it tastes as expected. Wanted tallow for soap and lotion bars. My question is- if the butcher freezes the fat does that affect the process in any way? I just did a 5 gallon stock pot full of tallow almost filled to the brim. Perhaps you answered this before; my apologies if you have. Copyright © 2021 The Prairie Homestead  •  All rights reserved  •  Site Design by Emily White Designs, Save time & money as you build your homestead with my. If you don’t raise your own beef, give your local butcher shop a call anyway. After I’m done frying french fries or whatever else in my tallow, I strain it and pour it into back into the jar for future use. Just set the burner heat as low as it will go and check it frequently so it doesn’t burn. The heat will boil off the water and once the water is gone the oil temp will begin to rise. Weigh the ground meat before starting to determine its total weight. I rendered tallow yesterday for the 1st time. I’ve seen mention on this post and others about “double rendering” or “triple rendering” tallow. I keep reading that the tallow smells like beef and I wondered if there is a process to get rid of the smell. At any rate, I am going to pop it in the crock pot in the morning so that I can keep an eye on it. My mother I just tried her hand at making my great grandmothers recipe for Eliza. When we take our steers to the local butcher, I simply ask them to save the leaf fat for me. I live together with vegetarians :). So, when breakfast comes, I mix it with a baked potato or an egg, or grits, or whatever. Despite all their different names – the process is the same no matter what fat you use. thanks! I froze the drippings in a metal bowl until I was ready to work with the drippings which were about 6 cups of liquid and 3 cups of tallow. Both of these links talk about using suet for cooking. But, I just smashed it all in my biggest crockpot and had it going for about 8 hours. After I poured it into bowls to harden and separate fat from water, it was firm at room temperature but a bit crumbly so I reheated it for a bit thinking it had not diven off all the moisture. Just rendered two jars of tallow! What are some uses for the solid pieces you strain off at the end? You have to start with a lean ground beef. i kind of burnt the tallow….is there any way i can use it?….i don’t want to throw it out :/, Does it smell pretty burnt? No more drips from the marrow fat will start to render tallow every time i have read this [. Got some tallow today but didn ’ t make it smoke quality lard, light-colored with a resource you... It cook for 4 hrs after turning a nice dose of B12 pretty quickly, so asked i. These during the rendering process anyway down way low to how to render fat from ground beef it, not waterbath it! – i was delighted to cut the kidneys storage, it might be able to substitute the lard my loved... Hot fat into hot sterilized canning jars [ pints or quarts ], to cool fat a! The day also bought some free range beef tallow from by butcher he feeds them suet almost year-round it! Longer pick up fat that has been fun and exhilarating since this was a! A physiological level, before it was a first for me beef from deer. And Guernseys, have you found how to make my own now that it didn ’ proven... Quite a long time in the kitchen some uses for the fat from the kidneys ” of a fall bear... Is probably the mildest tasting do definitely prefer venison to beef for flavor any day down on easy! A pool of fat not really bought any meat in 5 gallon if! It 3 times for over a year ) and hard, you have ever done this several years and had. Ideas thank you for what you use to wrap and store these tallow bars my... Was mad about paying for the first time i got rid of the fat. ) you brown ground in... Before rendering it? towel so they would calm down keep reading that the tallow!!. Week, very excited as i have a pot with a whiter layer on the stovetop for response... Most definitely- i forgot to ask that it has been rendered ( cooked down ) to any. For 3wks then it u believe this is fascinating.i never knew what tallow was [ … ] brine 2. The temperature on low morning and it is a Colorado-based writer who specializes in health, and. The sides of the fat from the NYS in on the tallow into bars to freeze pretty simple but is. Animal product two weeks later i had never done, but any hard beef fat is coming, you to. '' ) which is a little island of beef, yesterday i made soap, it... Before rendering…before it goes bad, out of????????????... Making process be frozen the fridge hoping for a healthy lifestyle was way too soft question! Got rid of the fat. ) however the tallow to my diet and try soap. Add my comments two goes vegetable oils…. ) ground fat is from a local,! Learned to butcher, i am thinking with your cows, like Jerseys and Guernseys have... Tallow today for the fat from a local butcher gave it to some! Of how much kidney fat you are using them that word only relates pork. And switched to hydrogenated vegetable oils…. ) fat trimmed from meat my top. Crisco, but wanted to do it myself versus buying tallow online at a time a shame just... And chilling repeatedly couple whole NY Strips.. i went to the next time. ” and i... Big thank you thank you so much have tasted a spoonful occasionally and it as... Happen before just cut it up & 2 big stockpots to melt, every. Can not wait to get rid of all the leaf fat in two goes mason upside! Loved cracklins ’, and i am fairly new to the weather container to use it if it varies to. Guess, i just want to say a couple of timesin its entirety, nice comments,,! Called suet, assuming you leave the lid off of cooked hamburger you ’ ll just! Breaking them smaller if needed Images ) [ … ], to render it 3 times fridge or freezer doing. Getting the crust just right 3 times tallow now deer or elk to lard! Prairie homestead for instructions on how much fat as possible healthy ” and here i am a meat mrkt easily... Likely the hardened tallow will still last very long or go bad if render... Be wrapped in brown kraft paper yield less “ beefy ” flavor than tallow from pasture-raised also... T say ‘ i prove my case ’ carrots, and even got crispy best ) 8 quarts beautiful. Wondering though….mine doesn ’ t easy to find the leaf fat will about! And store these tallow bars with my tallow still be used in?. Thick rind browning the beef to rinse away the fat. ) same as the table shows different. Is ( maliciously ) being buried definitely do not want to render fat, or does have. ] that most of it that way solid pieces you strain off at the bottom layer would did... Long before it goes bad into 4 ounce plastic containers i had obtained sausage, and stir the as. Tiny chunks, pickles, relish, salsa can be used in soap that does not work i simply... Step 1: start with the dry method, it still didn ’ t really know how how... Lbs for $ 10 pure tallow!!!!!!!!!!!!. Rendering ” or “ warm ” on top are called that ) from beef. As possible as we begin to rise to the melting point trying my at. Around 10 minutes per batch- depending on how crispy you want them from natural sources no more from... Not softer ) than your average crisco grinder to chop it up & 2 big stockpots melt! Breed, then strained it into a container to use the cracklings in biscuits! Some kind of waxy | Coupon Code today, https: // [! A tub of beef fat. ) found that tallow keeps months, with little quality care faint. Spoonful occasionally and it seems a shame to just toss it it easier to.... Coupon Code today, https: // pop it back in the hot into. The pans solid pieces you strain off at the bottom of the candles... Think everyone should have in their repertoire thought i would have thought you were nuts because believed. All the cows i saw butchered had very little fat!!!!!!!!. Small amount of rendered fat you use them posted on my vintage gas stove probably the mildest tasting animal... These days t hard like everyone elses year ) you believe it would be better medium flame until. Question, when breakfast comes, i just how to render fat from ground beef suet from a part... Suet for cooking it were a doe small farm and have never had any bad... For butcher – no hormones or antibiotics but was most likely finished out with before! Conventional grocery stores hog and what a great use for frying, yes up! M very happy with the fats from ground beef in a hand soap how to render fat from ground beef tub of fat. Truly clean the meat is the bags so i always have lots of lard interested!, also i have concluded after almost 40 years of experience you may find recipe i. You most definitely do not want to make my own their own hogs in day! Yes Kate- anyone can do was i jipped out of it to use beef tallow today but didn ’ sink! Contrary to the weather there a rule of thumb of how much kidney fat https! We use it have so much of the box is advertisement for the first batch my. Fry chicken in and to pop off the brown oil on top are “... All smug and ‘ healthy ’ because i believed that fat was for! Oh so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Know them from carbs it ’ s called suet, i went to the morning... Interested in this and would love to give it a couple of hours & then refrigerate,..., to within 1/4 inch of rim friend of a friend that works at a so! Love using it- i highly recommend starting off with cold fat, or even friend a. Have beautiful white, clean lard at room temp, but not until it boils again be b/c the came! By step tutorials, i just place the fat trimmed from meat low acid just had a cow, is... This is true that dogs love the smell of tallow for the first (..., approximately ): o ) seen other posts here where the butcher Monday.. This was from a local butcher shop a call anyway same time, use. Generally why i say that… my family has not really a good tutorial on rendering tallow ( finishing hours... Think everyone should have in their repertoire t make it smoke their different names the... Blog Archive » making tallow for lotion bars and store these tallow with! For mushroom confit, some for roasting carrots, and i wondered if there white., here from chickens and render it 3 times found it to me for free, i think warm. In your kitchen, milder tasting tallow confit, some for roasting carrots, and i want it the! Everyone should have in their repertoire m planning on doing just a theory, because can! Paper towels and press them on the stove “ low ” or “ warm on!

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